Building and designing website


Seaq8 is the best online store in Kuwait for buying the best sea related products . They have partnered with various Top brands to provide wide range of products.

We created the initial website which was very successful , and they came back again to us when they were ready to enhance it even more . We have Completely redesigned their site and the Applications to a newer more refined Version.

Various new and better features were added along with the creation of a Brand new android application with the enhanced features.

Building and designing website

ArQ Studio

A group of local Kuwaiti architects established their journey into the architectural design world as freelancers. Designing diverse types of architectural projects such booths, cafés up to houses and chalets.

They needed a website to that helps them to present their work and to help their clients in knowing them and know their portfolio which contain all there previous projects and we’ve added a feature that will let their client book a meeting through there website and get notified and reminded
and they have the ability to export all their meeting schedule at any time.

Complete Business solution Software – ERP software implementation

Anglers Tackle

Anglers tackle are a Large retail store for enormous amount of sea related products .

We Have implemented and configured a Full scale ERP system on the Anglers Tackle shop to support and enhance their day to day business.

An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a complete business solution software with POS systems , inventory management , Accounts system , Sales management , purchase management , HR system and much more . Everything you need to manage your business and for it to grow .

We have also provided them with our best Data Entry services to help them input and manage more than 10,000 + products from various brands .

We also provide Custom reports on a wide variety of Things based on your business needs , and provide up to date business solution to enhance your business even more.

Building and designing website and Applications


The Clients approached us with a Novel idea of a platform for selling Luxury watches .

We consulted them on various Business ideas to enhance their notion and to take it to the market successfully .
We designed and planned a complete Marketing campaign for them from Logo design to banners and posters.

Now we are in the process of making a very unique and innovative E-commerce Website and applications with Auction and various innovative features .

Business Software solutions

Clinic counter

A innovative Platform For clinics and hospitals to keep track of the Patients queue .
With it the patients can keep track of their number and the approximate time left for their appointment .

The platform allows easy creation of appointments from the Reception desk , the doctors can track their number patients and the approx time needed to finish them.

Patients can track their appointments by scanning their qr code from their application .
The complete Platform keeps everyone continuously updated and increases the patient satisfaction.

Building and designing website and Applications


This was one of our first projects .
With this project we built an eCommerce website and application. We've handled this project from A to Z. we started this project by understanding the customer needs and the required features.
we also worked on designing the logo.

We completed the website and the ios app according to top standards which was the first Online E-commerce website for Sea Products in Kuwait.